Demeyere Atlantis Cookware

Demeyere AtlantisDemeyere Atlantis Cookware is the finest and most advanced stainless steel cookware in the world. It is designed for demanding professionals, who require the utmost in performance from their cookware. Each cooking process has its own unique characteristics, and this is incorporated into the design of each piece of Demeyere Atlantis Cookware.

Straight-sided pots and pans required the transfer of heat from the bottom of the cooking vessel into the food, using the sides and lids to retain heat inside. Demeyere Atlantis Cookware features the seven-ply InductoSeal® base that combines layers of stainless steel, silver, and a 2mm solid copper core in a hermetically sealed base that is laser welded to the sides of the pan body. The unique base design offers 33% larger cooking surface than a traditional base with unsurpassed heat conductivity properties. The thick, surgical 18/10 stainless steel construction of the bodies and lids insulate the cookware for cooking efficiency and energy savings.

Other pans require the transfer of heat from base through to rim, such as skillets and conical sauteuse pans. Again Demeyere uses seven layers from rim to rim using its 7-PlyMaterial® construction. Combined with the ideal thickness for each type of pan, the unique design offers the chef optimum control over each cooking process.

Each pan design also includes the Demeyere Triplinduc® feature that utilizes three layers of stainless steel alloys for induction cooktops. All Demeyere cookware is induction ready!

In order to keep your Atlantis cookware looking new for a lifetime, Demeyere applies its special Silvinox® surface treatment to the exterior surfaces. Silvinox creates a silvery-white finish that resists tarnishing and discoloration from heat, fingerprints, aggressive detergents, and contact with acidic foods while making the cook pots much easier to clean.

Atlantis also features an ergonomic handle design. Watch the below video, which explains how the elegant cast stainless steel handles stay cool on the stove, how the design minimizes handling stress, and how the welded handles are more hygenic than riveted handles.

Atlantis is made in Belgium by the Demeyere factory, which has produced cookware since the year 1908.

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