Demeyere InductoSeal® Base

InductoSeal BaseInductoSeal® is a revolutionary cookware technology made of a 7-ply material that combines layers of stainless steel, silver, and 2mm solid copper core hermetically sealed in the base and laser welded to the sides of the pan body. This design provides ultimate heat conduction throughout the total cooking surface of the base. It offers 33% more cooking surface than a traditional base, while retaining heat and flavor inside the pan, perfect for steaming or cooking, with or without water, for healthy and delicious recipes.

First Layer (body) - 18/10 stainless steel on the whole interior and exterior of pan.

Second Layer (base) - silver brazing on full base.

Third Layer (base) - heavy copper core hermetically sealed for perfect heat distribution on the entire base (same diameter as the pan).

Fourth Layer (base) - silver brazing on full base.

Fifth/Sixth/Seventh Layers known as Triplinduc® - combination of three special stainless steel alloys on the bottom of the pan, welded on the side, for use on all cooktops, including induction.

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